Getting ready for 15th FM WORLD Anniversary – Sentosa Island and Chinatown

24 kwi 2019
Getting ready for 15th FM WORLD Anniversary – Sentosa Island and Chinatown

As promised, we will take you on the amusement Island – Sentosa and to Chinatown – Chinese enclave in ultramodern Singapore.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island abounds with so many attractions that if you want to explore them all book few days for that. Over here, Resorts World Sentosa is dominating, within in you will find most interesting places - among others Universal Studios, S.E.A Aquarium and Adventure Cove Water Park, and also casinos, hotels, museums and restaurants. You will get to the Island with a cable car or by bridge, on foot, car or bus.

For those who are seeking extreme adventures

Universal Studios is a theme Amusement Park; place perfect fot those who like thrills or just a movie hits just as like Madagascar, Shrek or Minions. Roller coasters will provide a big dose of adrenaline and characters known from animated hits – fairy sensations. Adventure Cove Waterpark is also located on the Island. You can go crazy on the slides, ride on swim ring through the underwater tunnel or dive among tropical fish on the coral reef. Other attractions for fans of extreme entertainment include: bungee jumping, go-karting, Skyline Luge & Skyride, iFly Singapore aerodynamic tunnel and a half-kilometer zipline spread over the jungle and beaches of the island.

Exploring the Santosa i salso worth to look around from the height of 131 meters above the sea level from the Tiger Sky Tower – huge elevator, which slowly rises upwards, showing breathtaking views.

For lovers of the underwater world

S.E.A. Aquarium is a colossal reservoir, more precisely 50 reservoirs that accommodates 1000 creatures that belong to 1000 different species. There are stingrays, jellyfish, octopus, dolphins and sharks among them. They are floating through the plants, reefs and shipwrecks, you can admire them, in a completely glazed tunnels, with the impression that you are under water. MUST SEE for everyone who is fascinated by amazingly colorful world of sea animals and plants.

For those who want to rest

Despite the many attractions mentioned here, what attracts tourists the most to Santosa are the paradisiacal beaches with fine, bright, delicate sand. Smaller islands connected with the main, by suspension Bridges, encourage you to rest in the shades of the palms and rest from the heat and a city bustle.

Furthermore there is a Merlion Walk avenue on the Island recalling of Park Güell in Barcelona and also a huge selection of bars and restaurants serving all cuisines of the world - from places with local food and Malaysian Food Street hala, through popular fast foods to restaurants awarded with Michelin stars .


When representatives of different ethnic groups flocked to Singapore, the founder of the city, Sir Raflles, create a designated specific areas for settlement for them, which is why today during visiting individual districts, you can feel as if you were crossing the borders of different countries. Chinatown is locatedin thesouthern part of the city where a lot of warehouses and residences of chinese merchant and also river or sea tradesmen are situated. With time, more and more houses were built over there with the specific structure that is still characteristic today - with shops downstairs and flats on the upper floors.


Though a lot of changed since then but there are still working entrepreneurs on the ground floors of houses in Chinatown. Above the narrow streets the lanterns are hanging and the aroma of oriental spices is spread. You can meet street chefs over there and buy characteristic souvenirs. Looking for the spirit of old times, it is worth visiting the Heritage Center, where reconstructions of the former shops and apartments of the Chinese district have been located.

When visiting Chinatown you can not miss the temples - a five-level Buddha Tooth Relic Temple with a rooftop garden and a museum with the Buddha's tooth and Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar. It is said that many years ago an Indian soldier came to Singapore and brought with him a statue of a deity, and when he left the city, he asked the locals to look after the sacred effigy. At his request a temple was built, which is patronized by deities, who sometimes fulfills the dream of living in peace and wealth.

In one post we have compiled two completely different places to once again emphasize the multiculturalism and diversity of Singapore. We hope that during the celebration of the anniversary of FM WORLD those places will delight you as much as they delighted us.