We present details of the 15th anniversary of FM WORLD!

Sep 12, 2019
We present details of the 15th anniversary of FM WORLD!

Each anniversary of FM WORLD is a unique date in our calendar - firstly we celebrate the creation of a company through which we can fulfill our dreams and constantly develop, secondly we celebrate them boisterously, in the most beautiful corners of the world and the best company.

As you already know, we will be celebrating our 15th Anniversary in Singapore. Especially for this occasion, we designed a logo with a lion - the symbol of the city - in the lead role. This undisputed king of animals will accompany you all the time until October and during the royal, few-days long party.

And talking about the parties.

As each year, we have planned two special events for you - an Anniversary Gala (October 29) and a Party (October 26), after which we will set off into a lively, glittering city!

For you to prepare a suitable wardrobe we have a few details for you.

The Ceremonial Gala will refer to the film Crazy Rich Asians, which we encourage you to watch (TRAILER)! The Gala will be glamorous, for which shiny and sparkling sequin creations enriched with sophisticated accessories are characteristic; on one hand very elegant, on the other a bit extravagant.

The Party will be organized under the slogan: The Spirit of the Jungle. The leitmotif of the party is a wild and exotic nature. Dominating colours should be the whole palette of greens broken with juicy shades of yellow, pink, red, orange or blue. Bet on plant and animal motifs. Let the spots of wild cats, snake patterns, cactuses, palm leaves, and tropical flowers appear on your creations - it must be of a character and with flair! But remember, it's not about the costume, it's about the clothes! We'll be playing in an extremely luxurious club and that's what your look must be like - both wild and elegant.


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