UTIQUE luxury face and hair oils already available!

Dec 2, 2016
UTIQUE luxury face and hair oils already available!

UTIQUE oils are liquid gold, a treasure which turns everyday care into an indescribable pleasure. By using the blending technique we combined several precious oils so that their effects complemented one another providing rejuvenation, moisturisation and regeneration of the skin, and spectacular shine and silky smoothness of the hair.

The LuxuryHair Repair Oil is an exquisite composition designed with gifts of nature:

  • rich in certified natural oils
  • with a great liquid gold texture
  • perfect for dry and wet hair
  • easily applied and quickly absorbed
  • rinse-free
  • highly efficient

Luxury Face Oil can be used in several ways:

  • as a serum or mask on your face, neck and neckline
  • to massage the face
  • as an addition to your favorite cream

Did you know...

The luxury UTIQUE brand includes top quality products, produced with exceptional ingredients in a unique manufacturing process. The face and hair oils don't contain any preservatives, whereas their packagings - because of the niche character of the brand - are made with special care. To ensure top quality, a large part of the process is done by hand! We love hand made products!

More information about the new products: http://utique.fmworld.com/