The insane 12 months

Jan 12, 2021
The insane 12 months

We are entering 2021 with hope, positive moods, and energy!

January is an excellent time to make plans for the future as well as to summarize in recent months. And we have something to remember because last year was exceptional for our company.

We presented you with two catalogues – numbers 32 and 33, of which the last one was particularly unusual because as the first in history it was only published online. The resignation from printing, as well as the line of probiotic products and paper materials for packing orders were implemented according to Eco Friendly philosophy. 

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we could not organize any event, but we did not leave you empty-handed. We have organized the biggest competition in the 16-year history of FM WORLD, the 1st Global Networking Contest! For three months we awarded thousands of NUTRICODE food supplements and in the final draw, we gave the lucky ones a luxury Mercedes-Benz GLA as well as 5 Samsung Galaxy S20, 5 Apple 11 iPhones, 10 Apple Pro 11 iPads, and 10 Microsoft Surface Pro laptops. And within the next contest – FM DREAMERS – we fulfilled the dreams of 10 winners from all over the world. Moreover, we have created a unique incentive programme called FM WORLD SHIELD, thanks to which 569 Business Partners received as much as EUR 336,000 of additional remuneration, which allowed them to build their own anti-crisis shield.

We have also been involved in many charity actions. We mobilized to help burning Australia and the victims of the Beirut disaster by organizing fundraising. We were also pleased to hand UTIQUE luxury cosmetics to the Wroclaw Ball of Hope. The profit from actions was donated to the development of the Lower Silesian Breast Disease Centre – Breast Unit. Moreover, we also gifted the medical personnel of this unit.

However, we have focused most on the fight against the coronavirus. We opened the project under the slogan #FMDZIEKUJE. As part of this action, we have donated as many as 10,000 masks for hospitals to Wroclaw's institutions.  We also joined the initiative of medical laboratories of the DIAGNOSTYKA Group to purchase Covid-19 tests for selected healthcare representatives. From the donations of our Business Partners we have collected 28,970 PLN and, as promised, we have doubled this amount, giving a total of 57,940 PLN.

Despite the difficult economic and social situation in the world, we have proved that MLM business can be managed under any circumstances. Thanks to your commitment and ability to adapt to changing conditions, we have achieved a record turnover of points and increased recruitment. The Club of Stars has seen the merger of as many as 19 new ones, including one historical one – The Nephrite one. 

This year was a real kaleidoscope of emotions. We are proud to have such great Business Partners and we cannot wait for what the future brings us!