The best airport in the world – Singapore Changi Airport

Sep 25, 2019
The best airport in the world – Singapore Changi Airport

The 15th Anniversary of FM World is coming soon, and with it countless attractions are waiting for you. Your great adventure will begin right after landing, at the airport in Singapore. Singapore-Changi is considered to be one of the largest airports in Asia and annually handles almost 60 million passengers. This place is very different from the airports that most of us can imagine, because in addition to arrival and departure service, the airport is a great tourist attraction, and it's not all about restaurants or duty-free shops!

The best airport in the world is divided into four terminals. For tired passengers there are bedrooms, SPA areas and a hidden swimming pool on the roof.


In the recreation area there are botanical gardens, where you can admire an impressive plantation of cactus, in another – orchids and tropical plants.






Being in Singapore-Changi you must necessarily visit the recently opened complex - Jawel, where you will see the world's largest indoor waterfall! The phenomenal construction is 40 meters high and is powered by rainwater.

There's also something for cinematography fans in this unique place! These are 24-hour cinemas where you will be able to watch the latest cinema hits.


It’s also worth to know that most of the attractions can be used completely free of charge!



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