Sea life on the Sentosa Island

Jul 11, 2019
Sea life on the Sentosa Island

Not so long time ago we told you a little bit about attractions that wait for the guests of the 15th anniversary of FM WORLD in Singapore. You thought that it was all? You couldn’t be more wrong - it was only a small part of the huge range of possibilities that this place offers! Today we will take a closer look at the island of Sentosa and the location related to... water! Join us!


Have you ever dreamt about swimming with the dolphins? We invite you to the small kingdom of these extraordinary mammals - Dolphin Island! Stand among fascinating bottlenose dolphins! Interactive classes conducted by experienced supervisors will help you to learn and understand their habits better. You will gain new knowledge about the natural habitats, diet and anatomy of these extraordinary animals.

Get to know each other better

At Dolphin Island you will experience a really close contact with these wonderful marine mammals. By having fun together in the water, you'll better understand their behavior and learn a lot of interesting facts about their lives.

A close observer

Aren't you ready for closer contact yet? No problem! You don't need to enter the water to learn the habits of these amazing creatures.

The dolphin adventure

Would you like to feel a really big thrill? We invite you to surf in the company of dolphins! It will surely be an unforgettable experience.

Underwater expedition

Or do you want to feel like a fish in the water? Get to know the environment of marine mammals in which they live every day!

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