Play cards with FM World!

Oct 5, 2021
Play cards with FM World!

Are you an active FM World Business Partner*? You not conducting economic activity? 
This contest is for you!!

For who?
Business Partners on performance levels: 12 – 21%

How it works? 
Apply for the competition by:

  • sending an application to the e-mail address:, from 01.10- 31.10.2021
  • sending an application by tab in Back Office, from 15.10 - 31.10.2021 

What you have to do? 
In each month of the competition: October, November, December 2021: 

  • Make a purchase of your own, worth at least 50 points in each of the months of the competition
  • During the competition, register 20 active New Business Partners as a recruiter.

What will you gain? In accordance with the assumptions of the FM World Marketing Plan, in each of the months of the competition, you will earn a trade discount, which you will be able to use through:  

  • DKV fuel card 
  • SODEXO card

Additiona informations :

  1. All submitted Partner Numbers participate in the program.
  2. Remember to achieve at least the 12% effectiveness level in each of the months of the competition.
  3. New active Business Partners – Business partner who during the competition (October, November, December 2021) make a purchase of their own worth at least 50 points.
  4. Cards:
    - During registration for the competition, the Business Partner chooses which card he will want to use if he wins: DKV or SODEXO
    - The amount of payment to cards is reduced by tax and service costs:
    - DKV Fuel card - payment of 85% of the generated trade discount in the period 10-12.2021
    - SODEXO – Payment of 80% of the generated trade discount in the period 10-12.2021
  5. The list of Laureates will be announced on 17.01.2022
  6. Shipment of cards to the Competition Laureates will take place no later than on 28.02.2022 (subject to the provisions of the Competition Regulations)
  7. You have the option to resign from receiving funds on DKV or Sodexo cards and withdraw the Trade Discount you have accumulated, you can resign from the competition till 07.01.2022
  8. Business Partners who have decided to receive their accumulated trade discount on DKV or Sodexo cards, from 07.01.2022 will be blocked from using their trade discount accumulated in the period 10-12.2021 

Before entering the competition, please read the Regulation.
* This program is only available to the following branches: Poland, Ukraine, Distribution, Baltica, Germany, Georgia, Russia