Personalised Business Partner catalogue

Jan 19, 2021
Personalised Business Partner catalogue

From now on, each of you will have your own individual catalogue with links directing the receiver straight to your personal webshop. Thanks to this, all benefits from sales will be immediately assigned to specific Business Partners' Numbers. This is an extremely practical, convenient and modern solution thanks to which you can develop your business without direct contact, at any time and from any place on Earth.
You can download the personalised catalogue from the Back Office tab after logging in to the Partner Zone. The link to it will also be available for everyone at your Business Partner website.


On 20 January in Poland and United Kingdom

On 21 January in Portugal, Romania and Italy

On 22 January in Germany and Lithuania (only in Back Office)

On 28 January  in Ukraine (only in Back Office)

On 29 January in Ireland 

On 1 February in Benelux

Recommending FM WORLD products has never been so easy!