New Amethyst Star

Dec 4, 2020
New Amethyst Star

After joining FM World in October 2019 to make a little bit of money for Christmas,

Holly saw the instant success and opportunities available and knew she’d made the right decision. That said, never in her wildest dreams did she think she would be achieving this level of success in just 14 months in the business!

At the start of November 2020, together with her husband Paul, they set themselves the goal of trying to reach the next Star promotions available to them. At the time, it felt a little unachievable but with some hard work, self-belief and an amazing team of people in both their teams, Holly has been able to become a new Amethyst Star and Paul a new Jasper Star in the same month!

"From a business that we started to earn just £200 for Christmas, 1 year later we will be earning our first 6-figure monthly combined salary just in time to give our children a Christmas to remember. We are forever grateful for everything FM World has done for us and are even more grateful at the thousands of lives we’re being able to help in the process. We have some huge goals for our family for 2021 and absolutely cannot wait to see where this business will take us in another year" says Holly and we cannot wait to celebrate their further achievements soon.