Oct 20, 2016

We are pleased to present the new luxury UTIQUE products! The collection includes three mystical scents and two natural oils.

UTIQUE is a new quality in the universe of luxury perfumes and cosmetics, arranged like a bouquet of sensorial variations. Composed to capture beauty, equilibrium and vitality. Created to affect our existence by adding a touch of luxury to everyday moments. To make life full of passion. UTIQUE is excellence, for those who desire to escape into the world of class and sophistication.

Luxury, elegance, wealth of top quality ingredients – the dream of perfection as well as full harmony of the body and the spirit – this is what the UTIQUE perfumes were born from. To offer you the quality that so far could have been experienced only when visiting small, highly exclusive boutiques in small districts of the world's fashion capitals.

UTIQUE oils are liquid gold, a treasure which turns everyday care into an indescribable pleasure. By using the blending technique we combined several precious oils so that their effects complemented one another providing rejuvenation, moisturisation and regeneration of the skin.

More information about the new products: