How to get there – organizational matters

May 27, 2019
How to get there – organizational matters

You know very well that it is worth coming to Singapore. Not only because, from 25 to 30 October, we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of our company, but also because of the innumerable attractions that the city offers.

As every year, also this time we will provide you with unforgettable experiences. Only the method of reaching to the event and returning will change. We will not organize a joint trip for everyone, because we believe that a visit such a unique place as Singapore gives unquotable opportunity to extend your holiday and get to know better this exotic place on the other end of world.

How will it look in practice? Every FM WORLD Leader who fulfils l the qualifications with the right to obtain a free flight, they will be passed a voucher worth 700 EUR - per plane and transfer from the airport to the hotel and back. However, experience shows that two-way tickets are available at a lower price. The rest of the voucher can be spend for traveling to some beautiful place near Singapore or to discover unique points on the tourist map of the City of Lion.

Qualifications are still ongoing. The payment of the equivalent of 700 EUR will take place after they have been closed and a special declaration has been signed that the Leader who has fulfilled these qualifications will appear in Singapore. Good luck!