FM Island - Summary

Nov 12, 2021
FM Island - Summary

Each and every anniversary is an opportunity for us to sum up, but above all to get to know each other better and celebrate together. That's when we most feel that although we come from different countries and speak different languages, we are part of the same amazing project.

This year, the pandemic did not stop us. We went to the Indian Ocean where the Kandima Island basks in the sun, surrounded by azure waters. For five wonderful days it became our Island – FM Island. 364 people from 26 countries around the world celebrated the nineteenth anniversary of FM World. We were not idle! Each day was filled with not only fun, but also with science, sports competitions, and official events, where we summed up the entire past year.

What took place?

  1.  We celebrated our arrival to the Island at the Under the Sea Party.
  2.  We competed in FM World Olympics.
  3. We attended workshops about our great Nutricode products to learn more about them.
  4. We participated in the beautiful Great White Gala. The whole FM Island was covered in white!

We still have great memories and a beautiful tan. We made new friendships and shared our insights and ideas. We felt part of a great FM Family. It’s difficult to express it in words, so we’ve prepared a video that best illustrates the atmosphere. Hot Kandima has become an even hotter FM Island!

Let’s look at the memories of this wonderful time and… get ready for the next anniversary. There is something to wait for again!