4th GNF - important information

Jun 12, 2019
4th GNF - important information

 Today we have prepared for you the most important information about the upcoming 4th GNF!



June15th, 2019 (Saturday)

GNF Conference

  • Parking on the upper level (entrance from Lema street) - will be available for free of charge for Business Partners whose cars are marked with the FM WORLD logo sticker (map, blue color)
  • Parking on the lower level will be open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Parking ticket: 30 PLN per entry (map, green color)

GNF Party

Guests arriving by car on GNF PARTY will be able to park their car for free on the upper parking (240 places) from 7:00 pm.


June16th, 2019 (Sunday)

GNF Training

The car park will be fully open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Parking ticket: 30 PLN per entry.

ATTENTION! Cars that will not be picked from the lower level of the car park until 7:00 pm, can be picked up the next day from 8:00 am.


TAURON Arena Krakow is perfectly connected to the city center.


  • to TAURON Arena Kraków/ al. Pokoju tram stop: 1, 14, 22, 62
  • to TAURON Arena Kraków Wieczysta tram stop: 4, 5, 9, 10, 52, 64


  • to TAURON Arena Kraków/ al. Pokoju bus stop: 128, 662
  • to TAURON Arena Kraków Wieczysta bus stop: 124, 128, 424, 664


Detailed information about the directions can be found here:




  • GNF CONFERENCE: business attire
  • GNF TRAINING: casual style

During the GNF Party, party accessories such as glowing sticks, wigs, and funny glasses will be welcome - so it will be colorful and joyful J



Entries to the GNF Conference will be divided according to the Marketing Plan.

• Entrance No. 1 (2 stands with 4 gates) - entry for Business Partners from the 1st Marketing Plan

• Entrance No. 2 (2 stands each with 2 gates) - entry for Business Partners from the 2nd Marketing Plan (3 gates) and VIP entrance (1 gate)

Entry to the event will be possible only through the appropriate gate. Please set up in the appropriate entrances and gates. The Business Partner who sets up the wrong gate will not be passed through. TICKETS

A ticket (printed or in electronic form) along with an identity document should be carried with you during 4th GNF.

After showing and scanning the ticket, the Business Partner will receive:

• bracelet in the right color

• welcome pack with printed materials and gadgets

• catering vouchers

ATTENTION! Please keep the bracelet for all 3 events (GNF CONFERENCE, GNF PARTY and GNF TRAINING). Take care of the bracelets because we do not issue duplicates.


Headphones for simultaneous translations (Polish, English, Russian, Portuguese) will be issued during registration in three points:

• 6 stands at the entrance No. 1

• 2 stands at entrance No. 2

• 2 stands at the main reception

Please return the headphones after the conference. Each Business Partner who does not return or damage the headset will be charged (980 PLN net).



During registration, each participant will get vouchers for catering. They will take the form of tokens, that can be exchanged for meals on particular days. Instructions on how to use tokens will be attached to them. We also post it below:


White token – lunch box


Red token – I main course (choose from 1 of 3 courses)

Yellow token – II main course (choose from 1 of 2 courses)

Extras for every course: vegetables, bread, ketchup, mustard.

Soft drinks for free.


In addition, during GNF Training it will be possible to purchase meals at special food court. Payment in cash in PLN or by credit card.



On Sunday, June 16, from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm, specially prepared sets of 4th GNF premiere products will be sold along with a gift - fantastic product! Payment in cash in PLN or by credit card. Orders can not be paid from the trade discount.



There will be no locker room available during the event. We are not responsible for things left at the TAURON Arena Krakow complex.


Check 4th GNF Agenda HERE!