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Krzysztof Cybul in the Star Club!

Krzysztof Cybul in the Star Club!

Krzysztof Cybul has just joined the prestigious group of FM WORLD Polska Jasper Stars! He earned the title in November 2016 by proving that commitment really pays off, and passion is the best key to success. "If I do what I like, can it be called work?" – he asks rhetorically.

Krzysztof Cybul entered the FM WORLD Club in 2005 to, as he says, buy perfume. He soon discovered that MLM is an opportunity for him and his family to build a lucrative business. As a respected and charismatic networker, Krzysztof quickly gathered a group, the members of which can feel proud of their success.

The group of FM WORLD Jasper Stars already includes: Irena Oliver from Great Britain, Aldo Parisi and Catia Brizi from Italy, Krzysztof Pauch, Jarosław Łuczak, Beata and Wacław Pieciułko from Poland, as well as – from now on – also Krzysztof Cybul. Congratulations!